Dec 212008

image1213715573.jpgYesterday we finally put our Christmas tree up which is great. We bought it last Saturday morning but hadn’t managed to put it up yet; mostly due to me going into hospital again from Saturday evening to Monday evening.

We started a bit late as Bob (Roberta) and the kids had been out shopping in Buchholz, while I rested and fretted every what theme to use.

So 6pm I started cutting a hole into the base for our stand, then we got it upright and roughly in place. Then stopped for tea 🙂 After tea the kids (well Toby) tried to help put the lights on but unsurprisingly it wasn’t working.

Rather than have lots of stress, Bob took the already tired kids up to get ready for bed. This left me free to get the 2 sets of coloured lights on.

This is something I once enjoyed but find annoying. The reason is that I am never happy with the distribution. It’s never perfect, some odd idea I have that I can’t articulated not even to myself. So I fiddle, move these lights a little up or down, adjust some others further out or in. Eventually I can finally let go and just accept it how it is, it just takes time & fret to get there.

Later after the kids where finally in bed Bob set about doing what she’s great at; decorating the tree. It may have taken awhile and she did abandon her original idea but she got on and put the wooden decs on, the paper chains ( that I, granny and Toby made) and many other bits.

It was rather late when we finished but it was good and we now have another set of lights along the main window. Yes there are a few things left to go up, like streamers, but they are easy enough to do. Plus Toby wants to make some more paper chains for the tree 🙂

I should add the tree is tall, we had to chop some off to actually fit under the ceiling.

Final note this will be updated to add a couple more picks as iBlogger only let’s me add a single picture … also discovered WordPress app allows adding more pics but doesn’t appear to allow you to order them or choose where they appear.

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