Dec 292008

Today, just as Toby, Mareike and I where leaving the house to head up to Hamburg, a DHL guy turned up and handed me a chunky envelope from Manning. It turns out, when I later opened it, that it was my free copy because I was a reviewer of the in progress manuscript.

I had started as the technical editor on this book and was going to do the indexing. Unfortuantly I feel quite ill back in late October and wasn’t sure how long it would take to recover. So, regretfully, I pulled out after doing the first chunk of the tech editing of the book.

Reading through the acknowledgments I had a plesant surprise (though missing from the reviewers list hey ho) when I found this quote:

Beyond that, tech editors are crucial to the success of a book like this, so we want to thank our original tech editor, Robert McGovern, who caught minutia that we weren’t even aware of.

His encyclopedic knowledge of the newest iPhone releases was awe-inspiring.

My thanks to Shannon and Christopher for the compliment.

Hopefully I will manage to post my thoughts on the book in the next few days. Want to have a gander over the finished version first 🙂

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