Jan 142009

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Its a waste of a blog post really but just wanted to record somewhere for posterity that I am going to miss living in Klecken and this house.

When we first came to Klecken I expected to hate it, I am really a townie, so somewhere as small as Klecken was incredibly off putting but its been great. Sadly we are now only here till middle / end of May.

I am going to miss this house mostly because of its size & feeling of openness in the living / dining area. Basically its huge & once you get used to it, its hard to give up. I need to see if we still have the square meterage for this house as I can’t remember it off the top of my head. Its great for the kids to be able to tear about, (used too) drive a Bobby car inside & build huge Brio train tracks. Admittedly the downside of a large house is there is a damn sight more to vacuum / clean.

I don’t want to leave now, but with having to move because the landlord wants to come and live in his house again, and given that we don’t have a car (nor want a car) then living in somewhere like Buchholz is our best option.

More on this later, plus some photo’s from in and around Klecken once they’ve been sorted 🙂 (Partly holding off on iPhoto 09)

Update, found these two old pics on Flickr of the house in Klecken from when we moved in.

This is the “front” of the house, coming up from the carport. The front door is actually on the side of the building towards the back.

Our new house

This pic is after our stuff had arrived, and we had started to unpack. Thats Toby BTW, who would have been 14 months old at the time. This pic should give you some sense of the size of the living area. (Hard to call it a room)

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