Feb 182009

You might have wondered where I disappeared to for much of the last month (possibly / probably not), basically I spent much of January with various stinking colds.

Which boiled down to me then not doing a lot and not particularly feeling like blogging, though I did continue to on and off tweet on Twitter.

The plus side of all this illness is that I have dropped a lot of weight, basically I’m down to a lovely 73kg (a little up & a little down on that) — 11st 7 pounds in old money. Hopefully I can keep it off 🙂

Hopefully some new posts should be forthcoming, once I figure where to fit them into my time.

Feb 182009

For once, thanks to the hard work of Steve “Scotty” Scott & Tim Isted, there is going to be a Mac developers conference in the UK.

Its open to anyone but aimed for UK & European developers that can’t really make the yearly (and rather expensive) WWDC trip. It’s a 2 day conference (3 if you want to attend a workshop) aimed at intermediate to advanced developers, with a number of “names” in the Mac development world doing presentations. For instance:

Bill Dudney (author of Core Animation and co-author of the upcoming iPhone SDK Development book) is do a workshop on “iPhone Development” and a talk on “Building Applications with Core Animation”

Marcus Zarra (author of the coming Core Data book from Pragmatic Programmers & also co-author of a coming Core Animation book), is doing a workshop on “Core Data” and a talked on “Spotlight and QuickLook vs. Core Data”

Mike Lee (founder of United Lemur, co-founder Tapulous, former intern of Wil Shipley at Delicious Monster) is doing a workshop on “User Interfaces” and a talk called “Pimp My App”.

Other speakers are Matt Gemmell, Graham Lee, Drew McCormack, Philippe Mougin, Andre Pang, Fraser Speirs and ???? (1 talk has yet to be announced).

To learn more about the conference, click on the banner below. If your into Mac development and in Europe / UK then come along and I hope to see you there.

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