Apr 272009

Really, truely, soon. Before it is no longer fresh in my memory and the normal doldrums of child care erases it from my mind. The basic gist – Stupendous!

First I have a few photos on Flickr and I’ll be adding more when I have some time to finish tagging them.

A number of other people have posted some as well StuFF mc’s, ax25, alexrepty, aallan and marius.pacha

Marius managed to get this photo of me in my absolute favourite shirt that I bought in Tesco a few years ago. Kicking myself that I never got a second one 🙂

Me in my favourite shirt

Apr 272009

There are other posts I should be writing, like a write up of my thoughts on NSConference which I attended the other week, but for now just wanted to share that we are gearing up for moving house.

We should be getting the keys to the new house on Thursday this week (Friday is a public holiday) which means we can get in and have a look over to see if there is anything that needs to get urgently done before the move. The only thing we are thinking off atm is adding some lower handrails for the kiddies to use as the stairs are a little steep.

The move itself is happening 2 weeks tomorrow, May 12th, which seems so strange. Particularly when your used to the fact in the UK that you exchange and generally move on the same day; which often leads to the whole chain effect where one link going wrong screws the whole thing up.

It still seems so far away atm, as if its still a dream but as we get closer and finish up with the packing I’m sure it will start to feel more real.

BTW For those that want to look at some (albeit not great) photos of the new house that we took ages ago then here ya go. Hopefully some updated photo’s will appear once we get the keys and go over at the weekend.

Apr 022009

Can’t think of a title, the curse of blogging I suppose coming up with a title that captures the post.

Anyway, a little moan (I will probably do loads of them, thats just me). The other week I discovered that Boom! Studios was releasing a bunch of movie related comics, Finding Nemo, Cars, The Incredibles, Toy Story and the Muppets.

I tried to order them via my comic shop her in Germany but they are only available in the US only. Not a huge problem apparently you can order them directly from Boom! Studios.

Well … lets see each issue is $2.99 each which is fine however a subscription for 4 issues of Cars is $20.99 (um my maths suggests that should be 11.96). Postage to Germany is a whopping $27.50 via the USPS.

WTF, $27.50? What are they shipping the damn things in? A special comic tube?

It improves slightly, if you add a 3 issue subscription of The Incredibles ($14.99 … again 3 * $2.99 < $14.99) and a single issue (issue 1 which isn't part of the subscription because you can order one of 4 different covers) raises the postage to only $30.75 I want to support the publisher, I really do (parituclarly as I am enjoying their Farscape comics and I'm kinda curious about their Blood Bowl comic) but that is too rich for my blood. *splutters* Just put a single issue of a comic in and they want $27.50 to post that!!?!?!!?! I'll save moaning about the fact they have to make these comics US only, I am guessing that is out of their hands and very much down to the licensor.

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