Apr 022009

Can’t think of a title, the curse of blogging I suppose coming up with a title that captures the post.

Anyway, a little moan (I will probably do loads of them, thats just me). The other week I discovered that Boom! Studios was releasing a bunch of movie related comics, Finding Nemo, Cars, The Incredibles, Toy Story and the Muppets.

I tried to order them via my comic shop her in Germany but they are only available in the US only. Not a huge problem apparently you can order them directly from Boom! Studios.

Well … lets see each issue is $2.99 each which is fine however a subscription for 4 issues of Cars is $20.99 (um my maths suggests that should be 11.96). Postage to Germany is a whopping $27.50 via the USPS.

WTF, $27.50? What are they shipping the damn things in? A special comic tube?

It improves slightly, if you add a 3 issue subscription of The Incredibles ($14.99 … again 3 * $2.99 < $14.99) and a single issue (issue 1 which isn't part of the subscription because you can order one of 4 different covers) raises the postage to only $30.75 I want to support the publisher, I really do (parituclarly as I am enjoying their Farscape comics and I'm kinda curious about their Blood Bowl comic) but that is too rich for my blood. *splutters* Just put a single issue of a comic in and they want $27.50 to post that!!?!?!!?! I'll save moaning about the fact they have to make these comics US only, I am guessing that is out of their hands and very much down to the licensor.

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