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[Was a Verbatim copy of post I made to the forums on MacRumors, now with Addendum]

I appear to be having bad luck with the 24″ LED Cinema Displays, I am on my 4th new one and debating getting a 5th or giving up and getting a refund.

This has been ongoing since late May, I ordered an ACD to go with a new 17″ MBP and kept it even though I returned the MBP.

Number 1) Bad Back light bleed

After hooking it upto my Mac Mini in the interm, I was watching Star Trek 6 and noticed it was a bit “light” along the top and bottom borders. Later in the evening, I darkened everything off and ran LcdTest and found that there was quite bad bleed from the backlights. Some [URL=”http://gallery.me.com/tarasis#100065″]photos[/URL] here if your interested.

(Technically there was also a settling creaking sound from it when it was initially warming up each time I first started using it. I haven’t noticed this with the other 3 and it didn’t really bother me that much)

So sent it back and got

Number 2) Had 3 dead pixels

So promptly arranged an exchange and got

Number 3) Speck of dust between screen & LCD

Its not bad, but to me quite noticeable, particularly as its about 4 inches in from the left and about 4 / 5 inches down from the top. If you move a light window around its easy to spot. If it had been within an inch of the edges of the screen I might have said keep it (and my wife would have preferred me too). So onto Apple again and we now have

Number 4) 3 black marks (poss 2 black pixels and one dust) and one stuck Green Pixel

So kind of excited to get this one today, had high hopes. Quickly unpacked it, hooked up the 13″ MBP, ran LCDTest and low & behold in the bottom left there was a faint black speck that wouldn’t disappear and then 3 larger (2 black & 1 green) spots towards the top middle right which where particularly noticeable on the red screen of LCDTest and actually also on the default background. As you can imagine, highly disappointed.

So, at the moment I have both number 3 & 4, though 3 is due to be picked up by TNT tomorrow and 4 only arrived today but I’ve already emailed the support person I have been dealing with about the problem.

I am not sure what to do, as I said my wife wants me to just keep number 3, I am inclined to try one last time as I really like the screen & its handiness regarding cables, webcam and so on (speakers are a bit meh to be honest) but I also at a point of just jacking it in and getting a refund.

I could keep the 3rd one but I struggle with the idea of spending that much money to have a speck of dust under the glass thats always visible on light backgrounds. Its a lot of money to not be “perfect”.

To be fair to Apple, the sales / support people I have been dealing with have been wonderful, very helpful, generally courteous if a little slow to respond (there was a week between the last replacements, despite them being emailed with a few hours of receiving the new one). Each time, so far, its been do I want to try another one or just get a refund and they’ve sent the replacement out before getting the old one back.

Its been quite frustrating to have not had a screen to work with all this time as I have boxed them up immediately after finding the problems. With 4 cats & 2 children around I didn’t want to tempt fate and introduce a new problem

PS There was a “minor” hiccup on their part, for the 3rd ACD they booboo’d and initially put the order through as a replacement 17″ MBP. The only reason anyone noticed was that I phoned up wondering with the RMA email & the order email mentioned a MBP & not an ACD. They managed to finally put a hold on it a couple of hours before it was due to be delivered to me.


I should note as well that up till now I haven’t had a problem with Apple’s other Hardware (Airport Extreme, Airport Express, iPhone 2G, iPhone 3GS, iPod 5G, 2 Apple Alum keyboards one wired & one wireless, Late 2006 MacBook & 13″ MBP) . Its only this 24″ display and it worries me a little as we where considering the possibility of an iMac instead. I don’t want to go through the same shenanigans again.

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  1. Hi, i have trouble too with these 24″, first i bought had one red pixel along the clock, second had a blac spot in the center, third i got home had a grey spot on the right middle, im not shure if its dust, please get back via my email at dandy.olsson@gmail.com and describe how the dust looks like, this spot in my eys aint a really dead or stuck pixel, when i look really close on the deador stuck ones, i can see the defect pixel, in this case i cant, its really soft grey.. please get back 2 me and describe the dust…

  2. Hi i recentely bought a mac pro and a 30inch cinema display the first mac pro had a nasty dent on the bottom the second one they sent me had scraches and the third one had some dents on it,the first cinema screen they sent me had a scrach on the apple logo a cluster of pixels missing the second had a red pixel and the third one was lighty on right hand corner,so do i go for the fourth? I thought it was just me with bad luck.

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