Apr 272010

In a rare case I’ve managed to complete a game. I have many for the PC that site barely touched for various reasons.

For the Xbox 360 i got a year ago I’ve resisted really buying any games. Partly for fear of not playing them, partly for not seeing many that i want to sink huge amounts of time into.

To date I’ve bought 3 games, 2 off the Xbox Arcade and 1 store bought

1) Explosion Man
2) Alien Breed Episode 1
3) Batman: Arkham Asylum

I’ve just finished the main game of Batman:AA

Challenges: 2%
riddles: 171:240
Upgrades: 19/20
Character Bios: 29/42
Completed: 76%

It was a lot of fun, easily the best license adaption I’ve played; particularly of Batman.

It’s not perfect with things like mashing the A button to open gratings and using the Batclaw and i hit one bug that meant i lost about 900xp which was a little annoying.

Now the question is will i go back to get the rest of the Riddler Trophies. Seems a but sucky running around an empty asylum. Wouldn’t fit but would be nice to have some life or challenges there.

Will definitely get the sequel when it comes out but first i want to get Star Wars The Force Unleashed Ultimate Sitg Edition for the 360 but it appears to be hard to get (cheaply).

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