Sep 192010

I have setup, I think, using a group in dspam.

I have a file in /opt/var/dspam called group with the following content

group1:inoculation:user1,user2,user3 (where user1-3 are real email addresses)

I wanted to confirm that the group was actually working so I figured no problems I’d turn on debug but that doesn’t seem to work.

So far I have OPTS “–debug” uncommented in /etc/default/dspam

I have added the following to /opt/etc/dspam.conf

Debug *
DebugOpt process spam fp inoculation

I tried restarting dspam, and postifx for good measure) but that had no effect. There is no dspam.debug in /tmp or in /var/log or in /var/log/dspam/

I then added –debug to the calls in Postfix’s

dspam unix - n n - 10 pipe
flags=Ru user=dspam argv=/opt/bin/dspam
--user ${recipient}


# honeypot
hspam unix - n n - 10 pipe
flags=Ru user=dspam argv=/opt/bin/dspam --debug --class=spam --source=inoculation --user honeypot --deliver=innocent

Again restarting dspam & postfix had no effect.

My dspam binary is compiled with debug support enabled. Right now I’m at a bit of a loss.

root@daffy:/etc/default# dspam --version

DSPAM Anti-Spam Suite 3.9.0 (agent/library)

Copyright (c) 2002-2009 DSPAM Project

DSPAM may be copied only under the terms of the GNU General Public License,
a copy of which can be found with the DSPAM distribution kit.

Configuration parameters: '--enable-domain-scale' '--with-storage-driver=mysql_drv,hash_drv' '--prefix=/opt' '--enable-daemon' '--enable-virtual-users' '--enable-preferences-extension' '--enable-clamav' '--with-mysql-libraries=/usr/lib/mysql/' '--with-mysql-includes=/usr/include/mysql/' '--with-dspam_owner=dspam' '--with-dspam_group=dspam' '--enable-debug'

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  1. I never got this working. In the end, it now is but that was after I upgrade from Ubuntu 11.10 to 12.10 and switched from my own built Dspam to 3.10.2 that comes as part of Ubuntu 12.10.

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