Feb 082017

John Williams, who turned 85 today, has written so many wonderful, bombastic, mournful, jubilant and terrifying pieces of music that its hard to really nail down faves, but these are ones that I often return to. (Never mind the adaptions of music that he has done for Musicals like Fiddler on the Roof, Goodbye Mr Chips or Christmas music for concert arrangements, his concertos or his early jazzy Johnny Williams phase). Hell he’s still writing new music, admittedly at a slower pace than before, but it still tugs at the heart.

Note that these are NOT in order and I’ve largely avoided the obvious album picks (Indy Series, Star Wars):

Full playlist:

I could go on and add the Amazing Stories Theme, Lost in Space, Land of the Giants, stuff from A.I. and on it goes.

I freely admit I am often more drawn to the Marches or his upbeat, catchy or wild music and struggle with his darker / atonal music 🙂

Jan 092011

Sometimes we all do daft things, well at least I do, and a few weeks ago I got involved with a couple of Telltale Games fan videos created by a bloke on the TTG Forums called Silverwolfpet.

He has done a whole bunch of videos before (seriously checkout him out onYouTube) and he decided for Xmas (with the approval of Alan from the TTG forums) to do a tribute video and posted about it in the Back To The Future forum (which if you don’t know, TTG are doing a 5 part adventure game based on Back To The Future, its worth checking out). In a fit of insanity I asked if it was too late to join in, was told it wasn’t so recorded my voice and a video of me miming the words and sent them along.

Here is the completed video that was released a couple of days ago:

(direct to YouTube)

You can hear me in a couple places where you don’t see me, particularly toward the very end. BTW Here are my original video & audio recordings (excuse the phone & doorbell in the audio, I didn’t hear them during playback as I had the backing track enabled which masked them out)

Anyway, related to this, is another video I ended up doing for Silverwolfpet. I had been going to bed the same day I recorded the above video but checked the TTG forum one last time (1am) and so a message from SWP asking if I could step in at the last moment for someone else. It was supposed to be hush hush but could I record some lines and actions. Having enjoyed the other recording I accepted and got my lines. I was supposed to be Doc from BTTF and needed to dress in something he might (hence the Hawaiian shirt and dressing gown, come on what else am I going to come up with at 2am).

It was slightly awkward as SWP needed me to yell, so off to the basement I went and recorded my stuff (a few times mind you) and half an hour later synced the video of the iPhone 4 (recorded of the front cam so I could see what the heck I was doing) and uploaded it for SWP.

The final result is this:

(direct to YouTube)

You’ll have to excuse the dreadful Doc Brown impression, give me a break it was 2 in the morning and I didn’t think to check YouTube for a BTTF clip with Doc Brown 🙂

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