Dec 282008

Apologies if this doesn’t work properly but in the next day or so I am going to switch the blog from to simply

Basically given how little I actually manage to do with the real site, I thought I might as well make the blog the main point. Then use WordPress’s Pages feature to make any sub pages I might need and just have some links on the sidebar to the Wiki, Mail, Old Journal and so on.

It seems near pointless to have a nearly blank front page on and I should have done it when I first setup this new blog. Live & Learn I suppose.

BTW The reason it might break, is that I am using NGINX as the webserver and I need to read up on its redirect rules and make sure I set it up correctly.


Permenant Redirect  now in effect, anything pointing to should now redirect to the same page at

Dec 202008

The one downside of trying to setup a new blog is dealing with the minutea (update — hmm one dictionary has it as minutea, another lists it as minutiae). I don’t mind fiddling, its just a slow process but they can at least be done over time. Its the little things like Categories, Tags, format details.

The thing that bothers me the most though is trying to find a theme that suits me. I’ve spent this afternoon resting and searching the WordPress themes archive trying to find something I like.

Unfortunately none of them are quite to my taste, either having the central text area to small so that 640×480 images are scrunched or I don’t like how they done columns, or the layout or …

So far themes I’ve tried are:

  • fluid-blogging
  • rusty-grunge
  • fog
  • VeryEnglish
  • blocks
  • blocks2
  • carrington-blog
  • classic
  • default
  • default-enhanced
  • fluid-blue
  • inanis-glass
  • inove
  • sepia
  • simplex
  • tarski

I’m not a web guy, I don’t do web development and have no skills what so ever at creating art so building my own theme is out of the question. I can tweak existing HTML/CSS a little (I do want to learn more about using CSS but like anything its finding the time 🙁 ) but hacking around with fix width themes is not my cup of tea.

For the moment I am floating between tarski, inove, default-enhanced & a couple of others but I think I need to keep looking.

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