Nov 252012

It’s been a bit quiet here I know, I tend to find other things to do than blog even if they are time wasting affairs like reading the Internet πŸ™‚

It’s been a mixed up year for me, the year started badly, or rather last year ended badly with a week in hospital, then improved a little for a few weeks and then I was back in hospital again by the end of January so that they could remove my spleen (and decide the I had pneumonia, which of course had to be cleared first before the op). This led to 3 weeks in hospital and a few months of recovery.

I’m better now, indeed seemingly much better than I was before the spleen was removed. In years gone by whenever I got a cold it tended to knock me for 6, since the op I’ve had a couple and they’ve barely registered which is a big win despite the loss of the organ (which on removal was a whopping 20cm and 680g in weight). In part my immune system was nerfed by my blood condition and with my spleen working overtime killing my blood so colds had more effect than they should have. The only downside is that since the op where I dropped to 72.7kg, I’ve gone up to 82.7kg which isn’t good.


I had been editing a book, which I then took over writing duties for and then stepped away from as I was struggling to find the time I needed to write with the kids, cooking and other house activities that needed to be done. Also from a financial standpoint it wasn’t going to work out worth the time involved as I would no longer be covered by my wife’s health insurance so we would need to pay for my own. Maybe the fates will conspire to give me another chance down the line, but I think if i am honest I prefer tech editing / reviewing.

Now we are racing very quickly towards Christmas, with a birthday party to organise for Mareike who will be turning 6, a house to decorate for Xmas, guests coming (in theory) for 10 days and lots of food to cook. Here is hoping the 2013 will start off better than 2012 did πŸ™‚

Apr 272009

Really, truely, soon. Before it is no longer fresh in my memory and the normal doldrums of child care erases it from my mind. The basic gist – Stupendous!

First I have a few photos on Flickr and I’ll be adding more when I have some time to finish tagging them.

A number of other people have posted some as well StuFF mc’s, ax25, alexrepty, aallan and marius.pacha

Marius managed to get this photo of me in my absolute favourite shirt that I bought in Tesco a few years ago. Kicking myself that I never got a second one πŸ™‚

Me in my favourite shirt

Dec 292008

Today, just as Toby, Mareike and I where leaving the house to head up to Hamburg, a DHL guy turned up and handed me a chunky envelope from Manning. It turns out, when I later opened it, that it was my free copy because I was a reviewer of the in progress manuscript.

I had started as the technical editor on this book and was going to do the indexing. Unfortuantly I feel quite ill back in late October and wasn’t sure how long it would take to recover. So, regretfully, I pulled out after doing the first chunk of the tech editing of the book.

Reading through the acknowledgments I had a plesant surprise (though missing from the reviewers list hey ho) when I found this quote:

Beyond that, tech editors are crucial to the success of a book like this, so we want to thank our original tech editor, Robert McGovern, who caught minutia that we werenÒ€ℒt even aware of.

His encyclopedic knowledge of the newest iPhone releases was awe-inspiring.

My thanks to Shannon and Christopher for the compliment.

Hopefully I will manage to post my thoughts on the book in the next few days. Want to have a gander over the finished version first πŸ™‚

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