Jan 202011

While I have a couple of other food entries to do too, I thought I’d tackle this first as I made them today. {Note I have tweaked the formating for the moment as I couldn’t get the post to format as I wanted, with some pics between the text}

When I was looking at the many recipes over at Forum Thermomix, I spotted this simple recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookies that dede converted from somewhere. Given we all like cookies I figured I’d give it a try (though admittedly I prefer soft cookies over crispy cookies).

To quote Dede’s post:

Choc Chip Cookies

150g Butter
100g Brown Sugar
85g White sugar (or Raw)
1 egg yolk
1 tsp vanilla
220 g Self raising Flour
choc chips as desired (I add 100 grams)

1) Pre heat oven to 180 degrees and line baking trays.
2) Place butter, sugars and vanilla into TM bowl and cream together for 20 seconds on speed 6, scrape down sides.
3) Add egg yolk and beat on speed 3 and gradually add flour, set lid to closed lid position and mix for 30 seconds on Interval speed.
4)Add choc bits and mix for 20 seconds on reverse + speed soft.
5) Roll mixture into balls and place 5 cm apart on prepared trays. bake for 10 – 12 minutes or until lightly browned.

Being not particularly thoughtful I started to go wrong from the start. To begin with I only had 100g of plain flour so I ended up using 120g of Bread flour for the rest, with 2 tsp’s of baking powder per the suggestion in the thread.

As I couldn’t find an choc chips in the supermarket I was in I ended up buying a chocolate bar and trying to grind it up in the Thermomix. That kind of worked (I had meant to take a photo), though I had a bunch of “powdered” chocolate and a bunch of chunks.┬áInitially I gave it about 3 or 4 seconds on speed 4 to see what it would do, and thats why I had a bunch of powered chocolate as it mostly just knocked pot marks into the chocolate cubes. I then ran it for a few more seconds at speed 8 which gave more of the desired effect. (I think this was part of the reason for the darker look)

I wasn’t sure what “1 tsp vanilla” referred to so I used the “Vanilla Bourbon” (its a non artificial Vanilla extra that we used in some other dish a few days ago). I used 5g’s worth (about the tsp listed in the ingredients) but I feel it was too strong.

The brown sugar I used had been open a little while so was a bit too lumpy and hard. Some bits didn’t break down well during step 1.

I messed up step 3 somewhat. For whatever reason I switched my brain off for step 3 and beat the egg in at speed 3 for 44 seconds before I started adding in any flour.

The dough at the end of step 4 seemed to come out sensibly enough, though my initial shaping had the cookies being a little big.

For whatever reason though I had to give them way longer than the suggested 10-12 minutes, with tray 1 I think they had nearly 25 minutes (due in part to 4 of them being huge) and tray 2 had about 17 minutes.

Overall the kids and my wife enjoyed the cookies, though Bob (the wife) did comment that she’d prefer them softer and a little sugary (though it didn’t stop her having a few). Me, well I don’t like them particularly I don’t like the taste & feeling it leaves on my tongue (which may be the brown sugar, the baking powder or the vanilla) but its unfair for me to fully judge when I botched making them a bit.

Some photos:

The completed cookie dough, not bad if a little vanillaie, rolled into ball nicely

As you can see the cookies in tray 1 are a little large

This was the first cookie from tray 1 I felt was ready to remove

These are the first tray of cookies

This is the second tray of cookies, more sensibly sized

This is tray 2 part way through cooking

Jan 192011

Photo is “thermo_press” by abby_luque, on Flickr

Last year Bob get herself a new toy for the kitchen called the Thermomix (DE site). To quote the UK site the device

Thermomix is a super fast food blender and processor that also weighs, cooks, simmers and steams!

It really does replace a bunch of devices in the kitchen, though in our case more only a Magic Mix food processor. You can cook a full in the Thermomix as it has a simmering basket (which can be useful for steaming rice) and whats called a Varoma which is used for steaming vegetables / meat / pasta. It so versatile you can make bread dough, soups, sauces, drinks, desserts and main meals.

Whats odd about the machine, is that you can’t simply go to a store and buy one. They are basically sold via demonstrators, who come to your house and for a couple of hours they come and show you what the machine can do and cook various dishes for you (for instance when Bob had a couple of demos the demonstrator made Wholemeal bread rolls, soup, a dip of some kind and I believe a jam).

You might think its a little dodgy that you can only get the machine this way but it honestly isn’t. Its an expensive machine and they don’t want you to simply discount it because of the price and they want you to truly see what the machine can do which if it sat on a shop shelf you never would (nor would you see how damn easy it is too clean).

You have to convert your recipes a bit to use it, something I do not feel comfortable trying to do yet but thats fine as there are tons of recipes on blogs on the Internet and in the rather busy and very friendly Australian Thermomix forums.

Given I’ve started to use it more, I’m going to (try) and blog the recipes we use with photo’s of what the final dish looked like. I suspect it will be a long time though before you manage to extract and original recipe from me (if ever!) ­čÖé

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