First Post: A New Home

1 minute read

After many years of using Wordpress, I've switched to using Jekyll with the Minimal-Mistakes theme.

Its a self hosted blog, rather than using Github Pages because its not really a programming blog, so it felt a bit cheeky to use it. Plus its always "fun" to setup stuff, learning about using a post-receive hook to build the site after making a change to the blog's git repo.

The site is currently being served by Caddy rather than NGINX but that might change in the future.

Why the changes? Well my dedicated server at died a number of months ago, and I never got around to properly restoring it to how it was. This is me finally doing that, and making some other changes at the same time.

I know that no-one really reads my blog, I post so infrequently and its not exactly riviting content, but getting the site up and running again, plus getting my wiki back up was bugging me :)

As an aside I lost a little data, basically my wiki which had a lot of server config stuff, because the default install of Dokuwiki puts the data off in /var/lib/dokuwiki/data and when I was backing up the main dokuwiki directory I apparently didn't have the setting to follow symlinks on.


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