Site transitioned from Jekyll to 11ty

January 26th 2023

After numerous hours / days of hacking (much more than I care to admit), I have moved the blog from Jekyll to the static site generator 11ty. All the while maintaining using the Jekyll theme Minimal Mistakes Theme... read more

Moving site from Jekyll to ???

January 21st 2023

Goal is that at some point in the not to distant future I will move the blog from Jekyll & the Minimal Mistakes Theme to something built with 11ty. Part of this is to reduce things I need to think about... read more

What happens when I finish a Frontend Mentor Challenge (or how I build and deploy an 11ty site)

October 15th 2022

I've been doing challenges from Frontend Mentor as a means to practice frontend web development. Specifically working with plain HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Rather than just take the simple route of a Git repo per challenge... read more

A short look back on my Camino de Santiago journey

May 27th 2020

A year ago tomorrow I began the most gruelling, yet immensely satisfying, journey of my life. I set off from my home in Buchholz in der Nordheide Germany, to fly to France to walk the Camino de Santiago... read more

Learning Web Development

April 20th 2020

I mentioned in the goals post, one of the things I am aiming to do is to start learning web development. I was well aware that what falls under the banner of web development is massive, I just hadn't realised quite how large it was... read more

Swift Coding Challenges: Challenge 2

April 20th 2020

Second one within 13 hours, good lord, that would never do. So this challenge was to test if a string matched against the reverse of itself. Basically a palindrome checker. This took me less time, partly because my first approach was similar to the approach for challenge 1... read more

Swift Coding Challenges: Challenge 1

April 20th 2020

As an effort to improve and challenge myself I got a copy of Paul Hudson's Swift Coding Challenges book and I'm going to work through it and post my thoughts on it and about how I did. I (probably) won't post the answers because that might spoil it for some... read more