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I mentioned in the goals post, one of the things I am aiming to do is to start learning web development.

I was well aware that what falls under the banner of web development is massive, I just hadn't realised quite how large it was.

Thankfully there is a website called Roadmap.sh which provides handy images detailing all that you COULD learn if you had a ridiculous amount of time available, as well as some resource lists. Images are marked with the creators personal recommendations of what to learn, and also alternative options.

Click on the images to go to the Roadmap page.

To be fair it isn't the only site out there that provides a list of topics to learn, but its certainly a nice visual guide that could be printed.

What I find overwhelming is what to use for learning in terms of tutorials, videos and/or courses. There is a (not literal) metric ton of free and paid content out there to take you from knowing nothing to producing websites. Too much to my mind :) just because it leaves you wondering what the best source to use is.

At the moment my focus is split between the following multiple sources



I'm trying to get a feel for what works best for me, what sits in my mind more and who's style I prefer the most. I kinda need at least 2 sources, because I need something I can work with that doesn't require watching a video (because say I'm sitting in a room with others)

Right now I'm still vetting, I def like Angela's course, or at least her voice, style, and humour (even if I'm watching the videos at 1.5-2.0x speed). However it is the only thing I've linked to that requires payment.

I really like FreeCodeCamp's site, and the mechanics of teaching in the browser. I seriously question the 300 hours it suggests per module. I'm virtually finished the first module within about 6 hours. I'm currently working on the first "assignment", and I could easily see spending a bunch of time doing those and making them look great.

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