Moving site from Jekyll to ???

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Goal is that at some point in the not to distant future I will move the blog from Jekyll & the Minimal Mistakes Theme to something built with 11ty.

Part of this is to reduce things I need to think about, as I am already using 11ty for generating my portfolio site. Any time I want to blog I find I need to read up on using Jekyll again. (Commands to update site, build it and other things). As I don't really add anything to the theme (outside of the progress slider at the top of the page), there is also little point to have the power of Ruby.

I had considered using Hugo, but that would again be a new thing to learn how to use. That said, some of the themes were quite appealing. A year or two ago I started trying to merge two of the themes but gave up. (I liked the look of one, and liked that the second provided the possibility of doing proper blog posts along with microblog style updates).

Whatever I end up doing, I do want to have it so that it is a mixture of "proper" blog posts along with short status style updates (like a Microblog). Then people who don't care for those can filter on just the posts, and likewise have 2-3 rss feeds; one for status updates, one for just blog posts, and finally one the has both.

Regardless I am going to try and blog more this year. I've some posts I want to do about my setup, and the post-receive hooks I use in Gitea/Forgejo. As well as thoughts on Frontend Mentor.

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