Day 15 - can’t think of a subtitle yet

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Day 15 - can’t think of a subtitle yet

Santo Domingo to Belorado

People started getting ready at 4:50 today, and there was a steady stream until 6am of people coming in & out … which with my bed right beside the door got a little tiring/annoying.

Started the walk around 7am with Erica, Benny & Karen having to take a brief detour out of Santo Domingo. Normal street out is closed for some reason.

It was darn cold today, and wet on and off. You could see the rain off in the distance moving past hills/mountains. Thankfully it was never a long shower, nothing like the soaking from a few days ago.

The rain poncho keeps getting condensation inside it while I walk. Ended up putting my fleece on to a stay warmer, and b to do get my shirt so damp feeling.

Ended up leaving Erica & co after a little while as I realised I needed some alone time. Regretfully I didn’t say goodbye, I just drift further away as my pace picked up.

A while later I ended up walking with Victoria and getting some coffee before setting off in the rain.

We ended up going wrong at one point, we were positive we had followed the route and so did Yolanda a Cuban American who was walking a ways behind us. Her phone showed we were still on the route, and mine showed we where off course at the top of a field & private road.

We ended up taking the private road down into either Villamayor del Rio or Viloria de Rioja (don’t remember which now, GPS on a pic would).

The three of us ended up having a mixed conversation about politics, Yolandas studies, future job, tv & movies. Pleasant way to finish the walk to Belorado.

Once in town Victoria disappeared off to a parochial albergue, Yolanda and I went to the Cuatro Cantones which had been recommended.

I admit to being a little fearful that there might now be any beds. I had tried to reserve this morning but it was no longer available, and there was a sizeable queue when we got there.

Queue was a little slow to be processed, but thankfully we all got beds :)

For the first time this whole trip I actually had a lunch, rather I ate the pilgrims menu at lunchtime along with Nachos with bacon & queso. All of it was delicious!

Walk was a bit slower today, part weather and part Victoria & Yolanda didn’t go at the same pace as Charles did.

Didn’t do much after lunch, hung in the room for a while. Had a conversation in German, and then had a wander around town, popped into the church during mass, found out too late about the castle ruins I could have visited but I’m kinda glad I didn’t as it was still cold.

Spent a bit of time in the garden watching the chickens 🐓 , peacocks 🦚, rabbits 🐇 and pigeons eating. Made me think of all of the different nationalities that are walking the Camino, eating and sleeping together. A little symbolic.

Day ends with lots of thudding in the room above us, again I’m sleeping beside the room door and the bathroom on the other side of the wall :) 10pm and people are already snoring 💤 oh and occasional peacock calls …

Tomorrow the weather begins to improve, v cold on the morning but should be sunny and 21°c by the afternoon.

I’m just not sure how far I’ll go. Could be Agés, Villafranca-Montes, San Juan de Ortega, or Atapuerca.

A rarity, I have opted to have the buffer breakfast here for 5€ at 6:30am. Hope I’m awake enough!

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