Day 13 - A second wind

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Day 13 - A second wind … sorta

Logroño to Nájera

… not writing these entries at the end of the bad is a bad idea. It’s now 2 days later and the day is kinda gone from my mind.

Today was the first day using the new shoes.

Arrived in Nájera at 2pm an hour early for the Donation Albergue. There were about 4-5 people there at that point. As more started to arrive we put our backpacks down to form a queue without us having to stand (which mostly worked, a few people ignored it and jumped the queue when it was forming)

Place was fairly pleasant, definitely the staff. Mind for 1 room with 90 beds, there were only 2 toilets & 2 showers for the men and i assume the same for the women.

When I arrived they where just finishing up celebrating the festival. They had obviously had a street party as there was a long line of tables and chairs down a street (sadly I didn’t get a photo of it as I passed through, when I went back a couple of hours later they were taking it apart)

Bumped into Erica & Benny briefly as they collected their bags from the albergue. They had opted to stay somewhere else.

Had a couple of conversations with Victoria about how where she is they have this father / son bonding event where the son is “grows up”. Kinda fascinating.

Sadly missed going to the church here as it had closed when I went out. Apparently it has an interesting history, and contains a recessed cave & altar. Maybe a next time?

Washed clothes but because of the cold weather they hadn’t dried by bed time.

Managed to find a Chinese “restaurant” which was pretty decent. Too late for the menu of the day (which would have been a bargain) I had some chicken fried rice with crispy chilli beef (note it was a dry crispy chilli beef, no sauce) and some dumplings.

When I got back to the albergue a poor French man had “lost” his socks and a pair of boxer shorts. They had been removed from the line and no one knew where they had gone too. I offered him a pair of mine, but the albergue staff had already given Him some.

Earplugs in, let’s see how sleeping goes.

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