Day 6 - Bad Day

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Day 6 - bad day

Zubiri to Pampalona

What a day. Started off by sleeping badly. I woke at 1:20 and feel that I was still awake till st least 3:53, then I finally dozed off and woke at 6am as the alarm of one of the people in the room went off.

As I started to get ready, I realised I’d left my hat at the restaurant the night before. Which put a further damper on my mood. Thankfully it was still st the place, and it opened at 6am, so when I trundled past at 7am I was able to grab it.

The walk today was pretty good, not too much going up and down although definitely not flat.

So very surprised to not have obvious places to eat along the right. I basically walked the whole way without a stop for a drink of food.

Finding it hard to walk now with my right food. I’d like to see what’s happening to the blister under the comped but I know I can’t just take it off.

Also found a (probable) wart beside the comped. Right skinned spot with a little black strand. Don’t know where it’s come from, or why. It’s my first ever, Although my son has had them a few times.

So right now I’m thinking strongly of staying another night in Pampalona. Although as I’m in the “Jesús y Maria” I will have to leave at 8:30 with my stuff and come back at 12. Maybe move to somewhere else that opens sooner. Will see.

Getting more used to the pack, although I def need to ditch some things. Right now I’m thinking Rain MAC, light fleece, iPad & solar battery pack. All told that would take 2kg off my back.

Had a couple of conversations on route, was walking with a bloke from Ireland for a while (he had also stayed at Suseia in Zubiri), and had a brief chat with a lass from Ballynahinch in Northern Ireland, which isn’t far from my home town.

Despite they though I am feeling quite lonely today. The slow hobbling through Pampalona as I tried to soak up the atmosphere didn’t help, and I’m tired and hungry and yet not. The place is large as well, with high buildings which makes you feel very small.

Going to go to Miel Otxin for the pilgrims menu soon, in the hopes of … I don’t really know.

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