Day 7 - Taking a break

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Day 7 - Taking a break

Well sort of. I’ve still ended up doing about 10-11km of walking 😂

So yes, woke up this morning a while before 6 but just stayed in bed. Foot felt better than the night before but wasn’t convinced enough to walk on it “long” distance.

Got up slowly, chatted with a lass from America called Amabelle who was studying in the UK and taking some time out to walk part of the Camino.

Left at 8:30 and pootled around the city, walking along the wall & such & had a very nice chocolate croissant and a only okay Cola Coa; disappointed it came looking nothing like the picture. Amusing the place also sold a Lemon Pie (written in English).

At 12 I checked in again to the “Jesús Y Maria” as it was comfortable enough.

After getting the compeed off the blister, I cleaned up the skin a bit and removed compressed bits which were causing pain when stood on.

I then proceeded to take everything out of my pack and sort into keep & go piles, and then went to post it which lead me into areas I wouldn’t have otherwise seen (like the Underground busstation … I was looking for a UPS store, turns out it was only an access point).

Decided it was too expensive to ship via the post office back to Germany (55€ for a small box), so went and found a “Mailboxes etc” about another 25 minutes away. (Nice to see a less touristy side of Pampalona)

I’m now 30€ poorer, but 1.75kg lighter!

Admittedly I could have been another 800g lighter if I had posted my iPad but I didn’t feel comfortable putting it into the box in front of the guy.

So for now I continue to carry it, and if I find that I still need lighter then I will post it and the fleece (300g) back to Germany, or ahead to Santiago (that would have been much cheaper, although after 15 days you pay €1 holding fee) … although I believe Ivar the forum owner of does a parcel holding service that’s cheaper. Need to look it up again.

I know I can shave another 90g off by getting rid of 1 of the water bottles.

Anyway after that I just did some sight seeing.

And then wasted an hour trying some sandles on. sigh why can I not find anything I’m really happy with on my feet.

My current trail runners get too hot, esp compared to my old Asics Badminton shoes.

face palm I just remembered there was an Intersport i walked past and meant to go in.

‪After all the great things I keep hearing about REI’s selection, helpful staff and satisfaction policy; I wish they had had a store in Hamburg, Germany that I could have visited before starting the Camino de Santiago.‬

Btw, for a rest day, I still walked about 11.5km … oops.

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