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Day 9 of the trip, day 6 of the Camino.

Really tired today. Spent a lot of the night awake due to some amazing snoring from 2 men.

Got cold because bloke beside me had the window open, and then the rain kicked in loudly at 5am.

Headed out just after 7 into the rain, and for the next 2½ hours it continued to rain. Poncho held up well, although it was condensing more than I’d like. However my shoes were soaking … which wasn’t a surprise.

Can’t remember where i changed my socks, but it was after I hit a village & found a bench … about 3-3.5 hours into the walk.

Wow, only a day later and trying to resume and my mind is a blank.

The remainder of the walk was a mixture of rain & dry. Honestly it was a pretty good temperature to walk in, it was just the soggy feet and occasional Cold hand that made it unpleasant (cold hand from hand using walking stick in the wet & wind)

Had a couple of short conversations along the way, but rain didn’t really encourage it.

Hoping the young American man I saw leave this morning with no coat, just a rain cover on his bag is okay. Brave dude, and stupid.

Checked into the municipal albergue, which was a bargain at €6. Felt really nice inside, nice kitchen communal area & garden. Room had probably 8 bunk beds in it, but it felt spacious enough and the room had a nice touch with lockable (free) boxes to charges devices with a hole in the side to let the charging cables in.

Estella itself was lovely, ended up walking an extra 10km wandering all around. I like the park and how many kids seemed to be in it playing & scootering/skateboarding. I loved that between 7 & 8 there were a ton of kids just kicking a ball around playing football in the main square.

While wondering around a found a couple of places doing Pilgrim Plates, rather than Pilgrim menus. Also found a Chinese restaurant that i wanted to go eat at, but sadly they were shut for a rest day 😢

Ended up having a pilgrims menu in "The Diner". Really wouldn’t recommend it. Paella was nice enough although only a couple of pieces of meat. The main was chicken & chips … which was kinda awful. Over cooked chips, and chicken cut ultra thin. Should have gone with my instinct and gotten half a chicken from the Dai/Dia supermarket.

All in all a good day despite the rain.

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