Day 8 - Its my birthday

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Day 8 - It’s my birthday & I’ll cry if I want to

What a truly odd day. Today I turned 43, but it’s the least birthday like day I’ve ever had, and that’s counting last year when I turned 42.

laugh we’re what 13 hours into the day and my son still hasn’t wished me happy birthday … my daughter managed it at 7am. … oh oh son just phoned for the second time today and remembered this time :)

Anyway, the day started early, way earlier than I would have liked … 3:40am. A couple of people getting up and prepping to leave. Thankfully most of the rest didn’t till 5:30ish.

I started getting up around 6am, and was out the door at 6:40 using some new toe socks I had bought the night before (Injinji Performance 2.0 Runner) which amazingly actually fit my toes … unlike some Knitido ones I had ordered from Amazon (and promptly returned).

I was surprised that the walk went as well as it did considering the blister. I was in Puente la Reine in 5h26 (6h20 real time). A few stops here and there to take photos, get my pass stamped in a church and offer a prayer.

When carrying the water separately from the backpack I can really tell that it’s lighter. Took much much longer before it became irritating. I’ll take that! And I know I can remove another 1.2kg (~2.6lb)

Met a lovely American family towards the end; Benny, Erika, and Karen who all apparently live in Florida. They too where find it hard going the last couple of KM. Especially as there was this junk where we went down hill and then had to go back up hill.

They where shocked when i said I had left at 6:40 from Pampalona when they had left at 5:30 from the next town on (about 5km away) … but given they stopped for food and I didn’t it kind of balances out.

Shocked at how cheap the Alberque was today. 5€! Admittedly I’m in a cramped room with 6 bunk beds (all men), so I imagine it will be hell tomorrow morning.

Not a single person here knows it’s my birthday, the room I’m in (tiny, 12 bunk beds).

Random tidbit, the last of the 100 beds were filled at 15:35. I happened to be in hallway to hear that. Was off into town to explore.

17:40 the first rain I’ve seen so far. After I sent the rainmac away (have the poncho, seems overkill to go for food)

Had panic I lost my expensive headphones. Thankfully in bag.

Only person in this bar/restaurant having the pilgrims menu. Which is surprising. I know the Albergue I’m in doesn’t do food, just has a kitchen. So it leaves me wondering where everyone else is. (I arrived at 6:30, food started at 7pm)

Had a lot of wine to myself. 2 glasses of house white (1€ each) and then about 350-400ml of red with the menu.

Tomorrow, in theory, is a walk to Estella BUT It’s supposed to rain tomorrow morning. So tomorrow i get to use my poncho but my shoes aren’t waterproof (by choice). Should be interesting. Esp as a stretch is supposed to be slippery when wet (yes yes, my second song lyric/title of this post)

Slightly surprised to find that room already has the door closed. A couple of people are already asleep. None of the 6 Asians who relaxed earlier are here.

Desperately want to put phone on charge, but too paranoid to do so. Only putting battery pack on charge. Phone, iPad and wallet continue to be in my sleeping bag liner with me.

A little sad, but that’s my own fault. my life could have been so different had I the where with all, drive and sense to run with it a few years ago. smile rather than a wannabe, I coulda been a contender. (Song & Film references)

… boing …

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