Day 11 - Frustrated

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Day 11 - Frustrated

Day 8 of the Camino - Los Arcos to Logroño

Another early start and a mixed nights sleep. Didn’t fall out of the top bunk which was great, and was thankful for the blanket because the room was cold.

First people (I noticed) where up and out at 5:40 today, I caved and started getting ready around 6. Left somewhere around 6:45 by the time I got water and shoes on and so on.

Got 100m down the road and started questioning if I had everything so had to quickly check my pack. Becoming hyper paranoid about it.

Day was cool/cold, although I was largely fine in the trousers and shirt I’ve been wearing till now. The wind was bloody strong and near constant. There was barely any respite from it the whole journey.

Walked most of today alone, listening to the Critical Role podcast. That lovable group kept my spirts up and gave me energy to walk despite my feet being unhappy in the shoes.

Didn’t really stop anywhere, was too focused on trying to get to Logroño before the beds might be gone, so I missed out on places I might otherwise have stopped at.

Bumped into the N. Irish lass a couple of times, once early on and then coming down into Viana. We walked for a bit together, but I left her to have a drink & cake while I tried to amble on … fearful that if I stopped for too long I wouldn’t get going again.

I was already having a hard time walking and should have stopped the night in Viana … I realised this about 2.5km out, but stubbornly carried on to Logroño stopping ever so often to flex my left foot.

A few km later, my tendons? Above the back on my ankle got really sore and that started causing me to pause too.

A Belgium couple saw this and offered some gel to help ease the pain and basically walked with me the last 6.5km. They where lovely, and ending the Camino this year in Logroño, aiming to pickup from there next year. The man insisted on finding a stick for me so I could have a second effective pole :)

Got to the municipal Albergue and must have looked pretty bad as one of the staff carried my bag up the stairs for me. Wouldn’t let me do it, and made sure I had a bottom bunk (went downstairs and changed the bag of bedding for bag with the bottom number. I am still incredibly grateful.

Rested for a bit, and about 45-60 minutes after I arrived, the N. Irish lass arrived and got the bunk above mine which I thought was hilarious.

The other nearby bunk was filled by a woman cycling the Camino from Aus, and turns out she’s a member of the forum. Failed to find her username to tag her. (Boo me)

About 4 I walked over to where Planeta Aqua was, because google said it would open at 4:30. Waited & waited and it finally opened at 5. Quickly looked at stock and left.

Aimed to go to intersport but came across a sports shop in the Center. Tried on a few pairs on trainers and a pair of North Face Hedgehog Fastpack GTX (grr) … and despite how my feet felt, they seemed pretty good. I walked around in them a while, tried them with one and two pairs of socks on and then sat and read some reviews of them before finally purchasing them.

Should I have carried on to Intersport to look? Possibly. Probably.

It was already 6:30pm so want a lot of scope to debate, and no way I could face the 45 minute walk out to Decathlon and back again.

I don’t know anymore, and quite honestly I’ve been on the verge of crying throughout the day, a tear did roll down my face as I walked back to the Albergue after dinner.

I’m conscious of the money wasted on shoes. I’m incredibly frustrated because I had easily done the distances in my old Badminton trainers without issue. My feet didn’t hurt in them in the way to have with the shoes I got .
I’m frustrated that I’ve been unable to find something I really liked and felt comfortable in (before I left). I really don’t know how many pairs I tried on but it was a lot. Different sizes, makes, cuts and not a one of them was “that’s it” (except the Merrell Vapor Glove, i’d like to get a pair when I’m done, but they didn’t strike me as useable for the Camino … maybe they are?)

When I arrived back at the Albergue I sat and talked & listened to some ladies (aforementioned forum member … kayabout?) and a kiwi lady (never got her name, might tomorrow if I only go to Navarrete). They even played Dr (physcaitry) with me at one point 😂

Dinner was The Good Burger which was pretty decent. As i was feeling fed up I figured I’d eat “badly”. Would have been fantastic had it all been hot. Instead chips & burger where tepid, but side order of epic chicken was piping hot. I think one bit was ready way ahead of the rest.

Anyway, G’night.

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