Day 12 - An unexpected port

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Day 12 - An unexpected port

Day started very early as people were getting ready before 5 today. For those following stage it’s a another LONG day, this time about 29.5km.

I don’t really mind that, what I take issue with is the 10+ people (I counted, not hyperbole) who just let the room door slam shut rather than quietly closing it (and 2 who just left it wide open). Pre 6am people really ought to be more considerate.

Not sure when I have up trying to sleep and just got up. Prob around 6-6:30.

I was feeling pretty miserable and so just sat in the exit area waiting for the 8am kickout time. I couldn’t bring myself to leave, I couldn’t trust myself about the shoes I’d bought the night before.

At some point Victoria, a lady I had met walking on the previous day appear and I talked to her for a bit. She asked for me if it was possible to stay another night without leaving and coming back, sadly it wasn’t. (Unlike Estella) But I could leave my backpack.

She had wanted to also go to Decathlon, so we walked out that way together (it’s near the Camino route as you leave Logroño) stopping for a breakfast & coffee. (Felt like a serious bargain to get a small sandwich toll, Orange juice & Coffee for 3€)

We have a great chat about life, the Camino, technology & kids usage of it. Sadly it was over too soon and she went off to Navarrete, and I tried on more shoes and trainers.

The great thing about that testing showed the ones last night where the best fitting and largely the most comfortable.

Bought a couple of bits (boxers, energy tablets for water, gel insoles for my water shoes and to test in the trainers). Came very close to a usb headtorch (20€) / wind up keyring torch (5€) and a new sports t-shirt as the one I’m wearing is getting pulls & attracts insects sometimes. Will wait for now, maybe at the next Decathlon (when one is close to the Center)

Got back to Albergue at 1:40, with a queue outside and nearly too late. I got the 1st bed in the last room. Eek!

After getting sorted i retried the new shoes up & down the stairs and landings at varying speeds to get a feel, and trying them with the gel insoles (prefer not having them in the new shoes).

Honestly they’re as close as I’m going to get to perfect for now. Left foot feels great, right there slight movement at the back. the only real negative is they’re Gore-Tex which I wanted to avoid. Man in shop had tried to say they’re a summer Gore-Tex!?!

Then I ambled out to see if I could find an Intersport or something to see if I could find my Badminton shoes. Here Apple maps failed miserably. Two locations it claimed as Intersport shops were long closed. Google showed 1 location of somewhere else completely & showed they were shut till Monday because of the festival. (Boo)

Stopped in Case La Laurel, the famous little street with lots of food bites. Many varied, fantastic looking bites. Had a yummy huge ham Croquet (2€) and Fried Chicken (2.5€) and glass of red wine (0.80€). Should have tried the pork with pineapple & teriyaki sauce.

On the way back to the Albergue I bumped into a festival procession of people in medieval garb, swords, hatchets, spears and live firing muskets (lots of shots going off that made my ears ring.

Tomorrow is walking. Not sure if just to Navarrete or the long day to Nájere. Part of me wants to take it easy, part of me wants to zoom off.

I’m grateful that Victoria suggested trading contact info.

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