Swift Coding Challenges: Challenge 2

April 20th 2020

Second one within 13 hours, good lord, that would never do. So this challenge was to test if a string matched against the reverse of itself. Basically a palindrome checker. This took me less time, partly because my first approach was similar to the approach for challenge 1... read more

Swift Coding Challenges: Challenge 1

April 20th 2020

As an effort to improve and challenge myself I got a copy of Paul Hudson's Swift Coding Challenges book and I'm going to work through it and post my thoughts on it and about how I did. I (probably) won't post the answers because that might spoil it for some... read more


April 17th 2020

Long time, no write. A lot has changed in my life, not least of which is that I am no longer a stay at home dad or living in Germany. For now I am back home in the country of birth and living with my mum... read more

Day 21

June 17th 2019

Day 21 of trip Day Frómista to Carrión de los Condes. 18.88km according to app. 19.18km with Phone GPS (minor detour). Was walking quickly. Which Fitbit doesn’t like 🙂 Weather: pleasant to warm Terrain/... read more

Day 19

June 15th 2019

Day 19 of trip Day 16 of walk. Today was Hornillos del Camino to Castrojeriz (19.47km) Weather: cool, grey and minimal sun (nice to walk in) Terrain: light off-road, couple bits a bit stony, and then road... read more

Day 18 - drawn to stop

June 14th 2019

Day 18 Burgos to Hornillos del Camino ~22km Weather was pleasant but cool Terrain most flat, gravel & roads Woke up at 3am freezing and no blanket to put on top to warm me up. Found out later that someone had left the nearby fire escape door open and it was letting a cool breeze in... read more

Day 17

June 13th 2019

Day 17 So it’s day 17 of the trip and day 14 of the Camino (day 12 if you take out 2 rest days) Woke at 6 pretty impressed that I didn’t hear the 2 women in the room leave. They were apparently stealth ninjas... read more