Day 16 - Off to the races

June 12th 2019

Day 16 - off to the races Belorado to somewhere (Agés) Day started early as usual. First people getting ready at 5am, I managed to doze again till 6 when my vibrate alarm (on the Fitbit) went off. Was able to get ready quickly and be upstairs in time for 6:30 breakfast... read more

Day 15 - can’t think of a subtitle yet

June 11th 2019

Day 15 - can’t think of a subtitle yet Santo Domingo to Belorado People started getting ready at 4:50 today, and there was a steady stream until 6am of people coming in & out … which with my bed right beside the door got a little tiring/annoying... read more

Day 13 - A second wind

June 9th 2019

Day 13 - A second wind … sorta Logroño to Nájera … not writing these entries at the end of the bad is a bad idea. It’s now 2 days later and the day is kinda gone from my mind. Today was the first day using the new shoes... read more

Day 12 - An unexpected port

June 8th 2019

Day 12 - An unexpected port Day started very early as people were getting ready before 5 today. For those following stage it’s a another LONG day, this time about 29.5km. I don’t really mind that, what I take issue with is the 10+ people (I counted... read more

Day 11 - Frustrated

June 7th 2019

Day 11 - Frustrated Day 8 of the Camino - Los Arcos to Logroño Another early start and a mixed nights sleep. Didn’t fall out of the top bunk which was great, and was thankful for the blanket because the room was cold... read more

Day 10 - A Fountain of Wine

June 6th 2019

Day 10 - A fountain of wine Day 10 of the trip, day 7 of the walk. Today was Estella to Los Arcos Slept better than last few nights, although still woke a few times from movement or snoring and insomnia... read more


June 5th 2019

Day 9 - TWTFSSMTW Day 9 of the trip, day 6 of the Camino. Really tired today. Spent a lot of the night awake due to some amazing snoring from 2 men. Got cold because bloke beside me had the window open... read more