Day 8 - Its my birthday

June 4th 2019

Day 8 - It’s my birthday & I’ll cry if I want to What a truly odd day. Today I turned 43, but it’s the least birthday like day I’ve ever had, and that’s counting last year when I turned 42. laugh we’re what 13 hours into the day and my son still hasn’t wished me happy birthday … my daughter managed it at 7am... read more

Day 7 - Taking a break

June 3rd 2019

Day 7 - Taking a break Well sort of. I’ve still ended up doing about 10-11km of walking 😂 So yes, woke up this morning a while before 6 but just stayed in bed. Foot felt better than the night before but wasn’t convinced enough to walk on it “long” distance... read more

Day 6 - Bad Day

June 2nd 2019

Day 6 - bad day Zubiri to Pampalona What a day. Started off by sleeping badly. I woke at 1:20 and feel that I was still awake till st least 3:53, then I finally dozed off and woke at 6am as the alarm of one of the people in the room went off... read more

Day 5 - Unexpectedly Easy

June 1st 2019

Day 5 - Unexpectedly easy Woke again around 4:30 and failed to get back to sleep. First people getting ready around 5:40. By 6 the lights came on and the monastery started quietly playing music … ergh... read more

Day 1 … So the adventure (finally) begins

May 28th 2019

28th May - Day 1 … So the adventure (finally) begins I am now in the air flying from Hamburg to Bordeaux, on the way to walk the Camino de Santiago / St. James Way / Jakobsweg. The 1000km walking trip/pilgrimage is intended to be part pleasure... read more

First Post: A New Home

February 21st 2019

After many years of using Wordpress, I've switched to using Jekyll with the Minimal-Mistakes theme. Its a self hosted blog, rather than using Github Pages because its not really a programming blog, so it felt a bit cheeky to use it... read more